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About us


Savilles Country Florist specializes in creating amazing custom floral arrangements for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, banquets, showers, birthdays, holidays, and funerals. Same day deliveries are available throughout the Buffalo, NY area. We can also handle the processing of your out of town and international orders.

Vase Recycling

Saville’s continues to “Go Green” with our vase-recycling program.

Many of our customers tell us they have vases in closets, garages, under sinks, and in attics. They don’t want to throw them away and they’re not sure what to do with them. Savilles Country Florist has a solution; we want to help our customers recycle those unused vases by returning them to us.


How It Works

For every 5-glass containers brought in at one time, customers will receive a Saville’s Happy Day Bouquet ($10.00 value) We will look over each container to see if it can be reused and refilled with our fabulous designs. 

Any container that is not reused will be recycled.

It’s that simple! So, start digging out your old vases and bring them to us,

 We will gladly take them off your hands.